We endeavor to see more dogs stay in their home and more owners enjoying their companionship. A well-trained dog becomes a valuable family member and — although we love all family members — if their behaviour is out of control, living with them can be very difficult.

Our aim is to teach doggy parents how to train their dogs, and to learn the tools that will last a lifetime, making it a pleasure to have your dog around.

All of the training methods used by Advance Behavioural Training are reward based, non-confrontational and motivational for dogs and owners; above all we make training fun! Our training is based on pet dog manners instead of just obedience, suited to the average pet dog owner who just wants a nice, well-mannered dog.

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Amy with her two Huskies, Koda (right) and Saaba (left)

About Amy

Amy is a Delta certified trainer with certificate 4s in both Companion Animal Services, and Veterinary Nursing. She started her career as a veterinary nurse, but in 2005 Amy realised her true passion was in dog behavioural training.

Amy has helped many dogs with behavioural problems over the years, including her own — Koda and Saaba — two Siberian Huskies who she re-homed back in 2007. Both dogs came with their fair share of behavioural/training issues, but with Amy's care and dedication, Koda and Saaba have become two well adjusted and happy dogs.