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Advance Behavioural Training aims to give you the help and support needed to produce a well mannered dog that you can be proud of.

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For those looking for a personalised approach or have specific needs including everything from doggy daycare, grooming, training, behavioural help to private appointments.

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Our online training courses are a great option if you live to far away or just prefer a visual reference for training practice at home. You can follow along for a full course or just choose the subjects you need.

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We believe in providing support and doing all we can to help you and your dog achieve your goals and a happy healthy relationship.

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Inclusive of all dogs & people

We have a strong passion for helping dogs get the most out of life, as well as helping their people understand how to achieve this. We will adapt and work with you on the best solution for both you and your dog

caring & supportive environment

We understand when your dogs behaviour is not ideal it can create difficulty with your relationship and how you feel about them, our long-term goal is to improve the relationship you have with your dog.

Tailored solutions for your pup

We work with all breeds and types of dogs and strive to provide an inclusive environment by taking the time to understand each pups individual traits.

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A happy & healthy dog starts with support & encouragement.

Our goal is to help your dog live their best life and for the two of you to build a stronger and healthier bond. Our expert Behavioural Training team will do all they can to understand your individual needs and cater for them.

Advance Behavioural Training uses a balanced approach to training with positive reinforcement with balance. These training methods are motivational for both the dog and the owner. We aim to produce dogs that want to work for their owners all the time!

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We have a range of services available to suit each and every need. Take a further look at our services and information or get in contact and let us direct you to the best fit for your needs.

Studies show that three-quarters of dogs have a behavioural issue.*

We believe that no dog is beyond help.

based on Statistics from

"But honestly, from the bottom of my heart i want to thank you all. Amy took Luka on as a difficult case and the change it's made has been mind blowing. I did not think it was possible in the beginning to see him playing with a dog. The positive steps he has taken with ABT have helped him to interact normally at this new daycare! While Leeah and myself are still anxious with some of his meets and tend to avoid the situation, his new daycare couldn't even understand the problem because he played like a normal dog. I can't praise your company enough! I would 100% recommend you to anyone i knew with a dog similar to Luka because i know the outcome."

Luka & Mum’s

The staff are so amazing and friendly, so knowledgeable too. Shadow has been attending Daycare academy and they have been working on his socialisation skills and anxiety. I’ve seen mountains of improvement with the 4 weeks so I have booked into some obedience classes, an at home consult and some normal daycare days for him to keep being social. He always comes home so well behaved and relaxed. I highly recommend this place!"

Shadow & Mum

“We cannot say enough thankyou thankyou and thankyou. What you have done to support our boy Douglas cannot be put into words. Douglas was so sick, scared and we believe abused when we purchased this beautiful 7 month puppy but all the efforts the ABT team in assisting Douglas to have a happy wonderful life and realise that humans wont abuse him has been astounding. We now have a happy boy who loves attending doggy day care, Advance behavioural therapy and being groomed. It brings us to tears at how much this scared of humans, scared of the world Douglas has come and we cannot thank you and the team at ABT and there are no words that can say how we actually feel to see this once scared of the world boy now happy, healthy and beautifully groomed and clean. Thank you to the ABT team for everything and your continued support of this much loved boy”

Douglas & Mum 

“I cannot thank Amy & the staff at ABT enough. Amy took Sam on when I was at my wits end and didn’t know what else to do. He has changed and learnt so much & so have I, to see Sam playing with other dogs and meeting new people which I didn’t think was ever going to be possible is amazing. All my family and friends won’t stop commenting on how much of a changed dog Sam is!”

Sam & Mum

"Wonderful, friendly and helpful staff. My dog is well cared for. Thanks Amy for the great service you give. I love seeing the photos put up on fb every day. I also like bringing home a worn-out puppy at the end of the day."


“We could not be more pleased with the progress Baloo has made since we started taking him to ABT. He very quickly built up trust with the trainers and we could see how well he was handled and taught. Having worked through social therapy and daycare academy we are now at the point where he can be entered into the regular daycare program and have been ecstatic at how quickly he has progressed. Baloo is now a far more relaxed doggo- he’s now able to switch off and calm down while at home and also has much better interactions with other dogs too.”

Baloo & Dad

“The difference a few weeks makes. Kevin unfortunately never went to puppy school due to covid and when we could get him in, he was too he couldn't go to our local vet puppy classes. So we asked the trainers at ABT if they could help us. They welcomed Kevin with the biggest hugs and made him feel so loved. He's gone from a timid little boy who was scared to get into the car, to jumping in the car in excitement for daycare! We're so glad, ABT took our little man in and have helped him develop in to a more confident man! Kevin gets to go every week with his brother and it's honestly the best thing we've done for them both. Kev's learnt to grown some independence whilst Angus is in the big boy pen! Kevin and Angus both have a lot to learn still, and we're getting there slowly, but it's so refreshing to see them so happy. Thank you ABT for your hard work and dedication to our fur babies”

“ABT has been amazing for Dash, the care they  provide him with is above and beyond. Even for challenging pups, they know how to manage their behaviours and have given us advice on strategies to try at home to make his time there more successful! No place has gone through the efforts they have at ABT to make Dash feel welcome and loved during his time there. I wouldn’t even consider trying anywhere else now. We appreciate everything they have done for him, we’ve finally found his home away from home.”

Dash and Mum

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