Meet Amy

Meet Amy from ABT

Nice to meet you, I’m Amy the founder and director of ABT. I started my career as a qualified veterinary nurse. Over the years I have transformed my passion for training and behaviour into my very own business ABT which was born in 2011. I have also earnt myself a dog behavioural training accreditation along with other certificates over the years. I have a strong passion for helping dogs get the most out of life, as well as helping their people understand how to achieve this. I have spent many years working with a variety of dogs and people across all the services that ABT now offer. I spend most of my time working on the business management and staff support services now, but I still sneak in some doggy cuddles when I can. I have 3 dogs; Kayan the husky x, Mavro the rottweiler x and Zuto the kelpie x all 3 acquired from rescue groups.

My former dogs Koda & Saaba also rescue dogs, I do like to adopt and offer a better life to the pups that are abandoned in their first home. I have also been very passionate about improving dogs and their health but more specifically mental health as I know how hard it can be for both the dogs and their owners. I also believe this industry needs more options for pet owners and those working in the industry to build a successful career doing something they love.

A strong relationship is built on trust, love and respect for each other. Considering our dogs provide us with unconditional love we owe it them and ourselves to build the best partnership we can by learning together and build a better understanding of each other.

- Amy

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