The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Daycare for dogs was once a dream for all pawrents, something that those without the love of a dog thought was a ridiculous concept. However, it has become a less taboo practice and more and more common across Australia than ever before. So, what are the benefits? Why take my dog to a daycare and not just the dog park?

Separation anxiety:

First and foremost, taking your pup for a play in doggy daycare became a very useful tool in combating the dreaded pandemic and effects it had on our beloved pooches. Although they all adored having us home 24/7 some pups just got a little too used to the idea and once the world began going back to normal and we all set off to regular lifestyles, in came the separation anxiety our dogs are now feeling.

Daycare assists in decreasing separation anxiety with extra time away from their humans where they would be safe, comfortable and having fun. It also saved a lot of backyards, pillows and gardens from destructive behaviours. Creating a positive association away from the humans is also a great way to decrease the effects of separation anxiety.

Social Skills:

One of the biggest benefits of daycare is your dog learning social skills! Yes, this can be done at dog parks or with friends dogs but what if your dog is unsure of how to play? Maybe a little rude? Shy? Then daycare is a great way to build your dogs social skills and confidence around other dogs with the support of people that are able to assist your dog to reach these goals in a controlled environment.

Our doggy daycare allows us to pair your dog with a group that is suitable for their needs and ensure they are always having a fun and positive experience. Matching dogs with similar play styles, size, excitement levels and needs ensure that they will all play appropriately together and just have the best time which is sometimes not possible at places such as dog parks as they are open to all and you don’t know the other dogs’ temperament, behavioural signs or if the owner is going to advocate for their dogs.


As well as the serious benefits of doggy daycare, your dog gets to have fun! And who doesn’t love seeing goofy photos of their dogs with their best friends of the day, playing and rolling around the place, receiving endless pats, cuddles and treats. Just a day of joy your beloved pooch deserves!

Why Choose ABT’s daycare?

So, with these benefits and more, why choose doggy daycare at Advance Behavioural Training?

Well, every daycare attendant is a behavioural trainer so they won’t just be caring for your dog throughout the course of the day, but they will also be teaching them appropriate play behaviours, encouraging breaks and naps, guiding them throughout the whole day and ensuring that they go home with appropriate manners and tools to interact with dogs outside of daycare.

If your dog is maybe a little too excited at the prospect of play or very nervous, our experienced trainers can help them with some extra time and direction slowly building their confidence overtime, or if need be, we have other services that are designed to be a bit more supportive such as Daycare Academy and Social Therapy. Want to send your dog to daycare but get some training in their also? no worries you can book a 30min training session with a trainer who will record the whole thing and send you home with the video, homework, and advice to continue training. Got a question about some behaviour at home? No worries ask the friendly trainer for some advice when they bring your dog out to you at the end of the day.

The most important part of our daycare service is we ensure all dogs earn play with calm behaviour. They all spend some time settling on their own before they are brought into the group with some short one-on-one time making sure nobody overwhelms them and setting them up for success.

Endless Benefits:

With all these benefits and more when are you booking your dog in for a day of daycare? Give it a go!

Amy from Advance Behavioural Training
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Amy from ABT
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