Level 1 of Life-Skills and Obedience

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Level 1

Life-Skills and Obedience

During these classes, your dog will learn to:

You will also learn about canine body language, environmental enrichment, life rewards, on lead manners around other dogs, using a clicker, and mat training. We will include some tricks to train too!

Level 2

Life-Skills and Obedience

This course is designed to refine some of the basic exercises from Level 1. Level 2 will focus on verbal and hand cues, and getting your dog to improve with duration, distance and distractions. We will also work on reducing reliance on lures and moving towards more subtle visual or verbal signals instead.

We will also teach your dog to follow targets and perform tricks. Dogs will learn to walk and perform at markers, handle and accept restraint, first aid, tolerance to separation and car safety. You will be finding out about how dogs learn and communicate, leadership and trouble-shooting skills.

Level 3

Life-Skills and Obedience

This course is based around the previous levels but with an emphasis on perfecting all behaviours that have been learnt. Your dog will be able to perform for you at home and in the community meaning that you will have a dog you are proud to take out in public. 

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